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If I eat allplants, will I be strong like a gorilla?

If I eat allplants, will I be strong like a gorilla?

Okay... maybe not quite that strong. But we want to power you with plants, just like gorillas.

From gorillas to elephants, the world’s biggest, strongest creatures get all they need from leaves and grass to survive and flourish in all their powerful splendour. Fortunately, human ingenuity has helped us to evolve from grazing a long time ago - allowing us to consume a higher concentration of calories, protein and nutrition into a more condensed feeding session. That means we don’t need to spend all day eating!

Plant-powered champions like Lewis Hamilton, Serena Williams and Jermain Defoe show us that there’s plenty of plant-based protein and nutrient rich foods available to us - beyond the need to eat animals.

So we’re here to turn you into a strong, plant-powered being - just like gorillas. Exciting your taste buds, boosting your energy and feeding your soul.

Give yourself plant-power.