What other plastics can you recycle for me?

What other plastics can you recycle for me?

We can now send all your plastics to a specialist plant, where they'll be properly recycled. We want to get plastic out the system!

When returning your box and packaging to us (using the enclosed Free Returns label), you can now stuff your box full of any plastic bags you have lying around the house.

Please see below a list of other plastics we can and can't accept:

Plastics we can accept:
- Plastic carrier bags
- Plastic bread bags
- Plastic bags from breakfast cereals
- Plastic wrappers from multipacks of cans and plastic bottles
- Plastic wrappers from toilet roll and kitchen towel
- Plastic freezer bags
- Plastic magazine (home delivery) and newspaper wrap

Plastic we can't accept:
- Any non-Polyethylene film (e.g. PP, PVC, others)
- Bubble wrap
- Cling film
- Crisp packets
- Film lids from food trays