We're creating a sustainability guide to #movethedate of Earth Overshoot Day. And we'd love the help of little planet-savers.

What is Earth Overshoot?

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has used more from nature than our planet can renew in that entire year. As humans use more and more of the Earth's natural resources, for the last few years this date has arrived sooner each year. Earth Overshoot day was marked on 29th December in 1970 and will be 22nd August in 2020.

This means as a species, we are currently using up nature's resources around 1.7 times faster than the planet's ecosystems can regenerate them.

Little heroes, get your drawings printed!

We want to create a sustainability guide to help everyone do their best to move the Earth Overshoot date forward.

We’ll be sharing facts and tips for how to live more sustainably over the next month, and we’d love for your little ones to share their tips too! We’ll choose the best ones and print them in our guide book. 

we'll help

Every week for the month of August we’ll release a printable worksheet for grown ups to download to help start the conversation about climate change, and help your little ones come up with their tips.


STEP 1 (Optional)

Download, print out and customise your superhero mask to get started.


Draw your tip! Print out and fill in our worksheets below. Alternatively, read the worksheet on a screen and use any piece of paper to create your masterpiece.


When you’re happy, take a photo of your illustrated tip and email it to [email protected] or upload it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Remember to tag us @allplants with the hashtag #littleherotips so we can see it!

Printable Worksheet Downloads

Come back each week for the next worksheet, and repeat steps 2-3 above!

Superhero Mask: Download

Tip Ideas: Download

Worksheet 1: Download

Worksheet 2: Download

Worksheet 3: Download

Info for grown up heroes

Efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting economic slowdown have reduced humanity’s footprint. If we hadn’t changed our behaviour, the Earth Overshoot date would have been May 16th this year (if everyone lived like we do in the UK). It’s clear that our behaviour makes a difference. We want to encourage people to ingrain sustainability into their lifestyles to secure a better future for our Earth and everyone on it. It’s not easy, and no ones perfect, but we can all play a part.

Here are a few things we can begin to do more of:

  • switch to clean energy
  • reduce food waste
  • support tree planting initiatives
  • eat more plant-based
  • spread awareness about living more sustainably
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