Turn Black Friday, Green

with delicious, plant-based meals, delivered.

  • Mouthwatering meals from £4.99
  • Effortlessly ready from frozen
  • 10 trees planted for every new customer until
    night of Monday 26th

1 You choose

Pick from 16 ready-to-eat meals
made daily by the allplants chefs
(new dishes added every month!)

2 We deliver

Check your doorstep for totally
plant-based, flash frozen meals
(all packaging is 100% recyclable)

3 You enjoy

Effortlessly cook in your oven
or microwave. No prep, no mess,
lots of heavenly flavour.

4 We plant trees

We're planting 10 trees for
every new customer until
night of Monday 26th

Check out some of our most popular recipes!

How does allplants compare?

We're planting trees

this Black Friday weekend.

It's scientifically proven that planting millions of trees on the equator slows and could even reverse global warming. As well as absorbing CO₂, trees make clouds and clouds reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere. So until the night of Monday 26th, we're planting 10 trees in Zambia for every new customer.

We’re happy to say over 90% of our customers give allplants a 5 star review.