Chef's Discovery Box

Starting with our favourites and best-sellers, you’ll enjoy regular deliveries of fresh plant-based dishes. After your first order, we'll help you handpick your next with all your preferences in mind and as ever will be:

✓ hand-prepared and perfectly portioned
✓ delicious, wholesome, and 100% plant-powered
✓ eco-friendly delivery to your door
✓ ready-to-cook from frozen on busy evenings

Your first box will include:

Polpette Orzo • Polpette Balls + Orzo Ratatouille
Cashew Mac • Kale, Cashews + Macaroni
Super Green Risotto • Pea, Asparagus + Hazelnuts
Keralan Sundown • Sweet Potato, Cashew + Sugar Snaps
BBQ Burrito Bowl • Jackfruit, Avocado + Borlotti Beans
Lasagne Noci • Butternut, Walnut + Tomatoes

We created allplants to make it easy and delicious to eat nothing but plants. All our food is 100% plant-based and cooked by our team of chefs in London, with ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

Our nutritionists make sure everything we serve is nourishing for the soul and full of essential, positive nutrients. Whether you’re after more energy, protein, iron, or calcium, we will always deliver through vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains.

For particular dishes we recommend using the microwave, where the meals will be ready in under 15 minutes from frozen. For those that are best from the oven, cook times vary from 40 to 55 mins. Every dish comes with easy to follow cooking instructions, so you can eat fresh, hot meals at your convenience.

Your restaurant-quality, fresh frozen meals arrive pre-12pm on your selected day to your given address. If you aren’t in, we can leave your parcel in a safe place guided by your driver notes.

If you chose to have a delivery to your office, each box comes with handles, so it can be carried with relative ease.

We ensure our packaging is planet positive. Each layer is either recyclable, reusable, compostable or a combination and the carbon used in every delivery is offset - so you can be kind to yourself and the planet. .

Each dish is prepared fresh before reaching our blast freezers. We chose to freeze our meals to lock in their nutrients and flavour. It’s nature’s best way of preserving goodness and means your meals stay fresher for longer and are at their best when you’re ready to eat. Better still, it helps reduce waste in our kitchen and yours. All part of our zero waste goal.