Chef's Selection Box

Six delicious dinners for two, ready to cook and enjoy from frozen any night of the week

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Our Summer menu includes our seasonal specials:

LASAGNE CAPONATA  butternut squash ∘ aubergine caponata ∘ spinach 

SUPER SPRING RISOTTO  asparagus ∘ roasted hazelnuts ∘ arborio rice

MOROCCAN TAGINE  squash ∘ chickpeas ∘ apricots ∘ green beans

And three of our most-loved (and delicious!) signature dishes:

JERK JACKFRUIT  pulled jackfruit ∘ sticky black rice ∘ garden peas

BLACK BEAN CHILLI  smoky chipotles ∘ sweet potato ∘ flaxseed cornbread

CASHEW MAC  creamy cashew sauce ∘ wholegrain macaroni ∘ charred kale

 perfectly portioned, hand-prepared for you
✓ tasty, wholesome, 100% plant-powered
✓ eco-friendly delivery to your door
✓ ready-to-cook fresh on busy evenings 

All dishes are for two to share, 650 - 750g  ∘   packed with plant power

Flavour is everything, but we also make sure our food nourishes your body and is gentle to the planet. allplants is about every element thriving.

We use nothing but naturally delicious plants grown in the soil. Each of our recipes is made up of fresh vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts and legumes mixed with spices, herbs and seasonings that will make your tastebuds dance. We never add any artificial flavourings or preservatives because we don’t like them and we don’t need to.

Delicious. Handmade. Delivered. Nothing but plants

Straight from frozen to your plate, via a hot oven or microwave.

Reach to the freezer for whichever dish you're in the mood for, slip the sleeve and bag off, cover with foil if oven-cooking and whack in the centre of your oven or microwave ready for cooking.

The label on each allplants meal contains a clear set of instructions for preparation. Always ensure your dish is piping hot and keep an eye on over-cooking as all appliances have their own personality!

Wherever you are, we deliver to homes anywhere in the UK (mainland) on Tuesdays every week.

If you’re out, we will leave your delivery somewhere safe and convenient so please advise us if you have a preferred hiding spot or neighbour to buzz. Our boxes are specially insulated and sealed to keep your allplants dishes frozen till you’re home. Store the dishes straight in your freezer.

We only offer a Carbon Neutral Delivery option which costs £3.50. We do everything to help people and planet thrive and believe it’s our job to be as sustainable as possible, showing bigger companies how they could do business. Delivering every box using only the most sustainable materials and carbon-efficient transport routes is very important to us. See more on our packaging here.

We aim to inspire more mindful, plant-based living so people and planet can thrive. Freezing our food means each dish is fresher, with less waste and no stress.

Our dishes arrive frozen and we suggest you keep them that way. Frost is nature’s best preservative, storing all the flavour, freshness and nutrients to be activated whilst cooking. Every dish is ready to cook and will last 12 weeks in your freezer, leaving you to kick back whilst your meal cooks, knowing you're helping to minimise waste both in our kitchen and yours.

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