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Chef's Selection Box

Our Summer menu includes our seasonal specials:

LASAGNE CAPONATA  butternut squash ∘ aubergine caponata ∘ spinach 

SUPER SPRING RISOTTO  asparagus ∘ roasted hazelnuts ∘ arborio rice

MOROCCAN TAGINE  squash ∘ chickpeas ∘ apricots ∘ green beans

And three of our most-loved (and delicious!) signature dishes:

JERK JACKFRUIT  pulled jackfruit ∘ sticky black rice ∘ garden peas

BLACK BEAN CHILLI  smoky chipotles ∘ sweet potato ∘ flaxseed cornbread

CASHEW MAC  creamy cashew sauce ∘ wholegrain macaroni ∘ charred kale

 perfectly portioned, hand-prepared for you
✓ tasty, wholesome, 100% plant-powered
✓ eco-friendly delivery to your door
✓ ready-to-cook fresh on busy evenings 

All dishes are for two to share, 650 - 750g  ∘   packed with plant power

We created allplants to make it easy and delicious to eat nothing but plants. All our food is 100% plant-based and cooked by our team of chefs in London with ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

Our nutritionists make sure everything we serve is nourishing for the soul and full of essential, positive nutrients. Whether you’re after more energy, protein, iron, or B12, we will always deliver through vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains.

All our meals can be cooked in the oven, but for particular dishes we recommend using the microwave, where the meals will be ready in under 15 minutes from frozen. Every dish comes with easy to follow cooking instructions, so you can eat fresh, hot meals at your convenience

We work with courier services to ensure each of your restaurant-quality meals arrives pre-1200 to your home or work. All our packaging is either recyclable, reusable, compostable or a combination and the carbon used in every delivery is offset - so you can be kind to yourself and the planet.

Each dish is prepared fresh before being blast frozen. t’s nature’s way of locking in the nutrients and flavour, meaning every meal stays fresher for longer and is the best it can be when you’re ready to eat. Better still, it helps reduce waste in our kitchen and yours. All part of our zero waste goal.