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Our Menu

Fill your freezer with our range of delicious, nutritious meals, breakfasts, desserts and more!

Buddha Bowls.

Colourful bowls of goodness.

0 dishes

Noodle Bowls.

Noodles with oodles of flavour.

0 dishes

Pastas & Risottos.

Irresistibly rich ragus and creamy sauces.

0 dishes

Curries & Stews.

A perfect balance of spice and flavour in every dish.

0 dishes

Pies & Bakes.

Hearty tray bakes and slices of light flaky goodness.

0 dishes


Every meal deserves a side kick.

0 dishes


Perfectly portioned sweet treats.

0 dishes


Little pots of rise + shine.

0 dishes


Blend your way to fruity goodness.

0 dishes