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We believe we don't need a handful of people being perfectly sustainable, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

A person enjoying a dish of mac and cheese next to an image of a tweet saying: "11:27 am: announces I'm going vegan, 11:32 am: thinks about cheese, 11:36 am: thinks about cheese, 11:38 am: thinks about cheese, 11:42 am: eats cheese"


Yep, you read that right. Your sausage roll secret's safe with us. 

The truth is, we know it can feel like a challenge switching to a plant-based diet. All we do is try and make it a little easier.

There’s no finger-wagging. No preachy vegan vibes. We don’t judge. We just deliver delicious plant-based meals to your door.

Because the way we see it: the more plant-based plates, the better for the planet. Whether that’s every meal, or just the odd one now and then, it’s all good with us. Everybody is welcome at our table.


Who said there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to plant-based eating? Not us. We’re here for it all; the cheesy cravings, the meaty mishaps, when you forget to double-check the milk in your latte, and everything else. It’s all worth celebrating, because it's a marker that you tried.

Need some inspo? Watch our video above.

A hand grabbing a meal from a stack of allplants meals, sides and treats included in the veganuary starter pack bundle

Veganuarystarter pack

Struggling to get started?

There’s a chef-made solution for that.

We've curated a Veganuary Starter Pack Bundle jam-packed with allplants dishes to make smashing your plant-based pledge a breeze.

Fill the cheese-shaped hole in your life with our dreamy Mac + 'Cheese', curb your meaty cravings with our 'Chicken' Katsu Curry and more!

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JP, founder of allplants.


I started allplants because I knew it was time for plant-based living to become a thrilling, tasty adventure, not a chore. Because with a few tricks up your sleeve – including delicious recipes and mind blowing ingredients (hello miso) – it’ll totally transform the way you eat. 

But we’re not just here for the highs.  Did you know it takes 66 days to build a habit? That's a lot of failed attempts at scrambling tofu (hi, new vegans). And a lot of room for a fair few mishaps… 

Luckily, saving the planet doesn’t require monk-like dedication; it needs us all trying our best. We can go an incredibly long way if everyone just started eating plant-based a bit more often.

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Multi award-winning great taste producer
Certified B Corporation
London Living Wage Employer
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