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4 Workouts To Do While Waiting For Your allplants To Cook

by Toni Olukiran

2min read

Sometimes feel like you’re too busy to fit in a workout? Here’s our guide to hacking your mealtimes with our favourite at home workouts — all of which can be completed while your allplants is heating up. 

Looking for some quick workout routines to power you through your day? With loads of workout videos at your disposal courtesy of great blogs and fitness content creators, there are loads of workouts you can slip into your daily routine for a bit of productive multitasking. So, here are our favourite works timed perfectly so that you can exercise while your food is heating up — and rest with a delicious high-protein meal ready and waiting for you to tuck into. 

Short Workouts

15 Minute HIIT Workout — Zanna Van Dijk

This HIIt workout courtesy of Zanna Van Dijk and is the perfect workout to get the heart pumping while your Protein Power Bowl is heating up. It’s a no-equipment workout that makes your day efficiently productive, and it’s a great blast of cardio that’ll get you hungry for your protein-packed meal to follow. 

10 Minute Skipping Session — @Lauren.Jumps

Skipping provides a great full-body cardio workout and has been the go-to workout for many over quarantine. A short 10 minute session of skipping will be a fun way to wait for your Green Goodness Bowl while it’s heating up in the microwave. Skipping improves hand-eye coordination, stamina and is absolutely an inexpensive piece of equipment to invest in — especially when you’re good enough to start doing all sorts of tricks!

Longer Workouts

45 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga Flow — Yoga With Adriene

Put your Mushroom Hotpot in the oven and get moving through this stretch yoga session with Yoga With Adriene. We would be remiss not to include her in this guide — she has, after all, been a point of call since the beginning of lockdown for many. Great for anyone who feels like their back and hips could do with a good stretch. 

50 Minute Full Body Pilates Workout — Move With Nicole

This pilates workout can be perfectly timed with your Classic Cottage Pie, bubbling away in the oven. For a workout that strengthens, grounds and has you feeling exhausted but even better than when you started, this is the one for you. An at home, no-equipment workout is a great way to get you moving — and will work up an appetite that a protein-packed allplants pie will absolutely fix. 


By Toni Olukiran
Toni Olukiran

Toni is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants, and when she’s not writing posts about everything from Jamaican cooking to vegan champagne, she’s making a Spotify playlist (she was at 200, at her last count) or playing tennis in the park.

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