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Whether you're a Veganuary pro or are dipping your toes into plant-based living for the first time this Jan, we're here to help

What is veganuary?

Veganuary is a pledge made by people across the world to eat vegan during the month of January.

The Veganuary mission is to support people trying vegan, and we're here to help. Whether you're craving cheese or missing meat, we're here to show you you can survive (and thrive!) with the power of plants (and thanks to secrets from a few plant-pros...allplants chefs, we're looking at you).


Setting your sights on doing Veganuary is a huge deal. And we're 100% here for it all. (Including any meaty mishaps).

We spoke to 22 people for Veganuary 2022, heard about their highs and lows, from veggie voyages of discovery to cheese cravings, and everything between.

So keep going, because you're definitely not alone: You never know, you could even end up building a plant based habit that lasts.

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Need a bit of extra help this Veganuary? We get it.

Sign up below for a downloadable January Thrive Guide full of recipes for everyday eats to help keep you inspired as well as weekly emails with exclusive offers, tips and tricks. Veganuary just got easy.


Stop panic-Googling; we’ve got you covered with our blog collections jam-packed with tips and tricks for living your vegan life (however temporarily you’re living it). Think Veganuary health guides, plant-based restaurant recommendations and way more. It’s all here in just a few quick clicks.
Three meals created with recipes from the January Recipe Guide

Recipe Guide

The only recipe guide you need if you want to do Veganuary right, but you're not sure where to start.

Meals planned

Vegan crisps, wine, yogurt and bear swaps

Shopping Guide

Got a craving? Add these items to your next shopping basket and thank us later.

Get swapping

A collage of pictures of our in-house nutritionist, Aly, and a fitbit

Health Guide

We've got it all covered from B12 to calcium intake, hair health and what will happen to your bowel movements.

Questions answered

A collage of a couple eating a mountain of (vegan) hotdogs

Restaurants Guide

We've travelled the UK on a hunt to find the best vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes and pubs. Here's our favourites, by city.

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Veganuarystarter pack

Struggling to get started?

There’s a chef-made solution for that.

We've curated a Veganuary Starter Pack Bundle jam-packed with allplants dishes to make smashing your plant-based pledge a breeze.

Fill the cheese-shaped hole in your life with our dreamy Mac + 'Cheese', curb your meaty cravings with our 'Chicken' Katsu Curry and more!

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