Eating just 3 plant-based meals every week for 1 year saves...

600 Kg CO2

the equivalent of driving from London to Egypt (5,000 km)!

370,000 Litres of water

the equivalent of leaving the shower on for 33 days!

Almost 1 acre of land

which could be used to plant over 1,000 trees!

Our Mission

allplants was born to inspire the planet to eat more plants, because we believe creating happy communities and healthy ecosystems starts on our plates.

But we don't stop there

We choose to go after our mission in a way that’s both Planet-kind and Human-kind.


We use more, emit more, pollute more and waste more than the Earth could ever replace or absorb. We need a food system that works with nature and puts back in more than it takes out.

Waste Revolution

Reducing surplus resources in our supply chain and responsibly handling any remaining excess food and packaging.

Future-forward Farming

Working with nature to revitalise land and create healthy soil that can store carbon and grow nutritious food.

Beyond Net Zero

Working towards climate positivity by 2030 - putting back in more than we take - to help us avoid the worst effects of climate change.


Some of our most persistent challenges can be linked back to issues of unequal access + treatment and declining provenance. We need a food system in which human rights and transparency are adequately valued.

Sustainable Nutrition

Ensuring that healthy food is equally and easily accessed and produced within the means of earth's resources.

People behind the Food

Ensuring everyone in our supply chain - including our own team - is treated fairly and their contributions valued.

Total Transparency

Ensuring full transparency in the origin of our food is critical in addressing many social and environmental issues.

Join our mission

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