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6min read

A Guide To The Best Vegan-Friendly Tattoo Parlours In The UK

by Fabian Jackson

6min read

Everything you need to know about getting inked the vegan way.

We know what a mine-field searching for vegan-friendly tattoo parlours can be. So, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite vegan tattoo artists and studios across the UK, so you can just focus on choosing the right design. 

Here’s a quick guide to some of the best creative, plant-based tattoo artists and studios. From stick and poke styles in Leeds to abstract and watercolour designs in Glasgow, we’ve got you covered. 

East Anglia

Let’s start our inky journey in the most easterly region of the UK, where you’re never too far from the coast or endless patchwork field walks. 


For fresh and streetwise designs in keeping with Norwich’s effortlessly cool vibe, Carver Tattoo is the city’s resident vegan-friendly tattoo artist – get lost in their Instagram page for bold inspiration 


Photo credits: Caver Tattoo via Instagram (link above)


If you’re in need of vegan ink near Cambridge, then be sure to check out the intricate stylings of Dan Pettitt.

The English Midlands  

Here’s some of the best of what the heartlands of the UK have to offer.


For impactful big-scale body art, House Of Thieves in Birmingham offers vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ink.


Photo credits: House Of thieves via Instagram (link above)


Anyone in need of a vegan tattoo parlour in Wolverhampton should get themselves to Cult Of The Sphynx a see if any of their six artists’ can offer what you’re after.


Accredited Vegan Society supporter, Thundercat Tattoo Studio, plays host some of the finest touring vegan tattoo artists from around the world, plus skilled resident tattooists as well. This blend of influences is reflected in the vast array of design possibilities available. 


Fifth Dimension in Shoreditch is a fully dedicated vegan tattoo studio offering a wide range of specialist artists to fulfil your inky dreams. You don’t have to worry about a thing here, everything used from inks and stencil paper to soaps, sprays, moisturisers and aftercare, are all entirely vegan-friendly and plant-based. 

Staying in Shoreditch, we’re also big fans of Jezz Ink’s work at Parlour Tattoo. He offers exquisite fine line, geometric and spiritualist tattoos that we’re more than a little bit obsessed with.


Photo credits: Jezz Ink via Instagram (link above)

Another entirely vegan and eco-friendly parlour option is Artefecto Tattoo London, based in Leytonstone, offering both machine and hand-poked expert designs.  

In Kentish Town, Camden, you’ll find Flamin’ Eight Tattoo with an impeccable range of resident vegan artists. Again, an entirely vegan-friendly experience from start to finish. 

South West England  


Kat Winifred works out of a Clifton based studio in Bristol and offers lovingly crafted and unique designs, working with entirely vegan-friendly inks and equipment.  

The North of England  


Vegan tattoo artist, Saskia Viney works from Sacred Arts tattoo parlour in Manchester and specialises in bold design – dot-work, ornamental and geometric tattoos  


Photo credits: Saskia Viney via Instagram (link above)


In the heart of Leeds’ thriving student hub, Hyde Park, The Buzz Club provides high-quality custom tattoos that are entirely vegan-friendly. 


When in need of vegan ink in Newcastle, get yourself to Wolfgang Paradisio pronto. With simple and quirky line designs in abundance, you’re sure to leave with one unique and vegan-friendly tattoo from Wolfgang.

The South Coast of England 


For colourful and whimsical vegan tattoos in Brighton, see Dolly Tattoos at The Doll House. We love their iconic cartoon and pop culture references. 


Photo credits: Dolly Tattoos via Instagram (link above)



With a full vegan ink range, Katdemonn Ink Tattoo and Piercing in Cardiff is a great choice for cruelty-free tattooing. With three permanent artists and regularly rotating guests to choose from, you’re sure to find work you identify with. 

Northern Ireland


Skullduggery Tatu is an award-winning custom and vegan studio in Belfast, offering unique designs to their clients. Find some inspiration on their Instagram here.


Tribe Tattoo parlous in both Edinburgh and Glasgow offers fully vegan work and immaculate designs for 20 years, so you’ll be in safe and well-practised hands.

This is a small sample of the amazing vegan-friendly tattoo artistry going on across the UK, be sure to add your own recommendations in the comments below. 


By Fabian Jackson
Fabian Jackson

Fabian is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants who loves writing almost as much as he loves coffee, old episodes of Escape to the Country (no judgement here), and cooking up a storm in his kitchen.

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