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6min read

The Independent Feature: Foodies Fighting the Coronavirus

by JP & Alex

6min read

During these unprecedented times, we’re working around the clock to keep cooking, and help those who need food, love and support. That has always been part of our mission, and it’s never been more important than it is now. 

Our founder JP chatted to The Independent about how we’re working to fight the coronavirus the best way we know how – with delicious, nutritious food. Here’s a snippet:

‘Petrides says the 60-strong allplants team are all working from home and communicating via Google Hangouts apart from chefs, who are regularly monitoring their temperatures and doing extra hand sanitising in the kitchen. The rest of the team is working on new ideas to adapt to the situation for customers, including a discount for companies who want to order frozen meals to be delivered to their staff, so that teams working online can have lunch together over video messaging services.

Petrides agrees that it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen next. “Not a single expert can predict that,” he says.

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The founders Alex & JP outside
by JP & Alex

Brothers and founders of allplants, JP and Alex, are on a mission to inspire the planet to eat more plants. And to do that, they rounded up a team of passionate people who became their extended family. They’re always on hand to chat all things food and fun, and to taste-test, obviously.

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