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6min read

How Your allplants Meal Is Helping The Planet

by Lizzie Dymond

6min read

Plant-based diets are widely known to have a lesser impact on the environment than those containing more meat and dairy. Here at allplants, we’re just getting started but we’ve already managed to help make massive changes. 

How is eating allplants helping the environment?

Approximately every second tonight, someone is enjoying an allplants dinner. If we had our own allplants restaurants (such a great idea), this would be a dinner party of colossal proportions and would definitely be an energetic scene!

Not that we’re complaining though, as having an allplants meal instead of a meat-based dish means great things for the planet.


How is eating allplants reducing carbon emissions?

Over the past 5 years, our food alone has saved over 3,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being produced due to not using livestock. This is the equivalent of stopping 1,272,962 kg of coal from being burned or 44,398,420 plastic bottles being produced.

When we put it like that, the impact this astronomical.

wheat crop

How is eating allplants saving water?

It takes between 15,000 and 20,000 litres of water to produce just one kilogram of beef, which is 3,000 litres per 200g beef burger. To consider this in more manageable terms, that’s 30 x 5 minute showers (link).

This all means that by eating allplants, collectively 2,315,150,400 litres of water has been saved. When sticking with the unit of showers (it’s a thing now), that’s the shower being turned off for an extra 4,978,818 hours and doesn’t include those smelly side-effects.

ocean waves

How is eating allpants saving land?

Globally the land allocated to livestock, whether this is grazing or land used for animal feed, combined is roughly the size of North, Central and South America combined and is only growing (link).

Our meals have helped save 4,414 acres of land. Whilst this isn’t quite as big as America (yet!), it is the size of 2,596 football pitches or 198,457 UK homes. That’s a lot of land that could be dedicated to the planting of trees or other ecological beneficial environments.

a field being ploughed

Whether you’re tucking into a Teriyaki Udon, Mac + Greens or ‘Chicken’ Katsu Curry tonight, you can do so happily knowing that not only you are benefiting from a tasty, nutritious meal yourself, but also the planet is benefitting as well.

Pick your next set of meals in the shop next!


By Lizzie Dymond
person holding carrots to their head like antlers

Lizzie is part of our fantastic Customer Delight team, she has a passion for all things sustainable and can't get enough of our Protein Power Bowl. On her days off, you’ll find Lizzie nose-deep in a gripping fantasy book, dancing around her kitchen to Taylor Swift and baking chocolate cookies or taking in a show at the theatre.

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