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3min read

Is Lynx Vegan-Friendly?

by Fabian Jackson

3min read

Wondering whether or not Lynx products are suitable for vegans? Keep reading to find out. 

Lynx, which is also known as Axe in many parts of the world, is a deodorant, body spray and male grooming brand that’s owned by Unilever. Lynx has a relatively young demographic that you can see reflected in their advertising. 

Is Lynx vegan? 

Lynx don’t class their products as vegan and their website states ‘Any product containing Glycerin and/or Stearic Acid contains animal by-products. Stearic acid comes from beef tallow and Glycerin may be either synthetic or natural which is derived from beef tallow or coconut.’

lynx deororant in hand

Is Lynx cruelty-free?

The answer here again is no, but it’s a little more complicated. Whilst they say that they rarely test their products on animals, they are still required to test individual ingredients this way. They state that ‘Unilever is required to provide animal data to comply with the safety regulations in place in different countries across the world.’

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By Fabian Jackson
Fabian Jackson

Fabian is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants who loves writing almost as much as he loves coffee, old episodes of Escape to the Country (no judgement here), and cooking up a storm in his kitchen.

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