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homemade peanut butter in a blender
2min read

Is Peanut Butter Good For You?

by Fabian Jackson

2min read

Whether you prefer yours on toast or just by the spoonful peanut butter is a tasty snack. But is it healthy?

What is peanut butter made from?

Although the name makes it sound like it might have some hidden dairy in it, peanut butter is generally vegan, with the only expectations being if it contains honey.

To put it simply, making peanut butter involves blending raw, shelled peanuts and a small amount of oil, salt or sugar depending on the recipe. 

peanuts in their shells

Is peanut butter good for you?

Depending on quantity (and what you’re eating it with) yes, peanut butter can be good for you. 

Why is peanut butter good for you? 

Peanut butter is rich in important nutrients, fibre and protein but also high in calories and healthy fats, both of which are also good as part of a balanced diet. But peanut butter might not be the ultimate health food all on its own. 

Is unsalted peanut butter better for you?

Yes, unsalted peanut butter is generally better for you, but if you’re only having a little now and then, the salted stuff is a great treat. 

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By Fabian Jackson
Fabian Jackson

Fabian is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants who loves writing almost as much as he loves coffee, old episodes of Escape to the Country (no judgement here), and cooking up a storm in his kitchen.

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