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'Little Leaps' for the Planet

by Laura Barns

7min read

2020 is going to be a big year for tackling climate change.

We know this can feel a bit overwhelming, and knowing where to start is usually half the issue. 

So we’ve put together some tips for making ‘little leaps’ that will have a big impact. Because it’s a leap year. Clever, right?

Use canvas and tote bags instead of plastic ones: plastic bags are SO last century. Invest in some good quality totes and canvas bags and keep one with you at all times. Because let’s face it, you never know when you’ll need to do an emergency snack run. Though it’s worth a note that you’ll need to use it a lot more than for simply taking your gym stuff to work in. Read up on full usage info in this great article

Use your voice: in fighting the climate crisis, people power has never been more important than now. Write to your local MP and ask for updates on how they’re tackling climate change, and engage with brands you shop with to find out what initiatives they have in place to be as planet-kind as possible. You can read more about our sustainability mission here. 

Buy bars of soap instead of handwash: until the day comes where all shops offer refilling stations for stuff like shampoo/conditioner/shower gel etc. there are a few things you can do to be greener in the bathroom. Simple things like switching your handwash to a bar of soap is great, as is seeking out bamboo toothbrushes and razors instead of plastic alternatives. 

Steer clear from paper cups/plastic bottles/plastic straws: so you’ll have definitely heard this one by now, but there’s a reason it’s shared so much… they are amongst the easiest things to avoid. Investing in reusable cups, bottles and straws is a great way to save the fish and save some cash, as most retailers will give you money off your purchase if you provide your own. Or go totally old school and skip the straw altogether. (Just watch out for the ice cubes). 

Cut down on energy usage in your home: as well as saving money, save the planet by making a few simple swaps with your appliances, heating and lighting at home. Switch your plugs off when not in use, use low-energy bulbs and invest in a smart meter for your radiators.

Leave the car at home: one in four car trips in the UK are under a mile. So dig out your comfy shoes and walk, or cycle more, to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health…everybody wins. 

Go vegan...ish: in an ideal world, to help the planet, we’d all eat nothing but leaves. Though we’re a purely plant-based business (and always will be) we also are fully behind those doing their best to eat greener. Because did you know that if we all went vegan for just one day a week, we’d EACH save 1,100 gallons of water, 30 sqft of land and 20 lbs of CO2? Great, right?! 

The single most impactful thing you can do to reduce your footprint on our world is to eat more plants. So here are some tips for making plant-based switches. 

Swap some foodie staples: you don’t need to automatically swap everything you eat. Starting small can make a huge difference. For example, next time you’re shopping for yoghurt, try a coconut-based alternative. Or switch up your usual butter option for Flora, which offers a fully-vegan selection now

Replacing eggs: eggs are a biggie as they seem to be in all the good stuff. Luckily, they’re also one of the easiest things to substitute. We could go on for hours about this. In fact, we did. Check out our blog post on all things egg replacement

Ditch dairy milk: especially if you can’t function without caffeine (i.e. me) it can be a challenge to find the right dairy alternative for your coffee. Luckily, there are SHED loads of different options now. This is a great round-up and includes some of our faves. 

Swap out mincemeat for lentils: no, seriously. "It's not a swap, it's an upgrade... lower in saturated fat and packed with protein! When you combine cooked puy lentils with a few other ingredients – namely nibbed walnuts and minced chestnut mushrooms – they mimic the texture of mince so well.” – Joey, our Senior Development Chef and Key Lentil Advocate. 


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