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Introducing our new packaging - same taste, less waste

by Ellie Harrison

10min read

I’m Ellie, Sustainability Lead at allplants with an update on our latest packaging solution.

I wanted to let you know that your next allplants box will look slightly different, so keep your eyes peeled! We've been busy making some improvements that we wanted to share with you. 

At allplants we're constantly adapting as we learn to ensure our packaging is as sustainable as possible. The world of packaging is evolving all the time, and we are committed to being at the forefront of change – so we regularly review our choices to make sure we are doing the best we can. Whenever we find a more sustainable alternative, we make a change. As a result, we’ve had four packaging solutions in two and a half years, and this is our latest one.

So, what’s changing? 


We've swapped the insulation for a mix of upcycled-denim (offcuts from the cutting room floor which would have gone in the bin) and recycled plastic bottles to keep our contents cooler for longer. This liner can be used 10 times over (at least!) and will help us cut down on waste. We kindly ask you to return them so we can reuse again and again because even if they’re damaged, they can still have another lease of life. If you can send multiple liners at once, even better!

Our new liner reduces waste and our carbon footprint as:

  • Using recycled material approximately halves the footprint
  • Denim is a great insulator so we can use less dry ice and ice packs
  • It’s way more reusable so the packaging you return can go round and round

We’ve also updated the packaging holding the denim. And though it’s plastic, don’t panic:

  • It protects the denim from damage and is highly reusable 
  • It’s a way lighter material than board, so this means there’s less co2 to ship. Also, plastic is a low co2 material, especially when recycled, compared with board


Over the next few months, you'll spot that our outer-boxes have had a facelift. They’re smaller (so we use less), yet just as mighty and made out of completely recycled material. They’re also easier to recycle, too.

To make sure nothing is wasted, we’re using up every existing tray and box we have so excuse the mish-mash whilst we transition. From Friday 29th November, our boxes will contain our new liners with full instructions on how to return or recycle. 

We’re keen to talk through any queries you have with us. We believe that if we all work together, we can make a difference for our planet. So get in touch, and share your thoughts.


By Ellie Harrison
Ellie Harrison

Ellie heads up all-things sustainability, making sure everything we do is as conscious as possible. She couldn’t live without volleyball, killer whales and porridge… though hopefully not at the same time. 

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