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Our Favourite Aubergine Recipes

by Toni Olukiran

3min read

Aubergine can draw mixed reactions from people, but chances are if you don’t love aubergine yet it’s because it’s not been cooked in a way that makes the most out of this versatile vegetable. Here are our top aubergine recipes guaranteed to convert nay-sayers into aubergine lovers.

Aubergine Tagine

two bowls of tagine

Our spiced tagine, packed with slow-roasted aubergine and topped with a crunchy aromatic dukkah, will warm you up from the inside out. We like to think of this dish as the perfect combination of spiced, sweet and warming. Try making it at home by following our simple recipe.

Aubergine and pepper stew

This super-savoury yet sweet stew draws inspiration from a Moroccan tagine - using dates, harissa and cinnamon to give depth and richness to the creamy aubergine and jammy red peppers.

Vegan Moussaka

plate of moussaka with fork

A rich lentil and porcini ragu, infused with red wine and notes of cinnamon, is sandwiched between layers of melt-in-your-mouth aubergine and potato, topped with an intensely creamy oat-based bechamel. It’s our take on a classic dish, packed with oodles of flavour and nourishing plant power. Delivering comfort in every bite, this hearty dish will quickly become a family favourite.

Vegan BLT

vegan blt

In this plant-based take on the classic BLT, we’ve replaced bacon with smoky slices of roasted aubergine. This sandwich involves a little bit of cooking, but minimal prep. Just a few minutes in the oven means it’ll hardly make a dent of time in your day.

Potato and sugar snap pea curry

close shot of curry

This one-pot, empty-the-fridge curry ticks all the boxes. As well as being deeply rich and warming, it's extremely versatile. By following a few simple steps and guidelines you can use this method to make a delicious curry with whatever you have to hand. This versatile curry is a great midweek meal for when you need something hearty, stat. 

Love aubergine but don't want to cook it yourself? Add our aubergine and split pea stew to your next allplants box.


By Toni Olukiran
Toni Olukiran

Toni is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants, and when she’s not writing posts about everything from Jamaican cooking to vegan champagne, she’s making a Spotify playlist (she was at 200, at her last count) or playing tennis in the park.

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