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4min read

Our Team Discuss Their Favourite Time Of Day To Work Out

by Fabian Jackson

4min read

Our lives are full of personal habits and preferences and the same is true when it comes to exercise. We’re drawn to certain times of the day and week to get our sweat on that benefits our working and personal lives. Our team discussed what suits them best!

When’s the best time to work out? 

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Chloe, Marketing Manager: First thing in the morning, but must be after coffee.

It gets it out of the way and it does give me energy. On the coffee thing, I just read a study yesterday about how drinking coffee 30 mins before your workout actually burns more fat. Pass me another cup.

This really fits into working from home as I’m currently doing online classes – I genuinely have no idea how I was going to the gym and cycling to and from work before lockdown! 

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Fil, Head of Delight: I can't stand the taste of black coffee first thing, but I do have pre-workout creatine for extra endurance…

I love first thing in the morning because it gets my brain active and endorphins going. I also use the time to consider the day ahead, people I need to talk with, pre-reading or note making for meetings while in the gym. 

I'm an early riser, so my gym routine doesn't really impact my social life. The gym is much busier in the evening too. Waiting to use certain equipment is annoying, as well as breaking your "flow". During lockdown, the gym would reach capacity and so there would be a "one in, one out" approach at the door… which again, does nothing for motivation levels.

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Ramos, Kitchen Operations: If you're someone who’s not fond of crowds and feel overwhelmed at the thought of stepping into a busy gym then Friday nights are perfect as they're virtually empty whilst most weekday gym-goers are having a pint!

I exercise every day come rain, sleet or shine and for me personally, the best time of day to exercise is early morning as it kicks my body and brain into gear! - although I'm currently doing late afternoons due to the hours I work.

Generally, I find that later in the day there tend to be more distractions which sometimes results in not getting around to exercising - not to mention I'm pretty tired from work and being a father to the most energetic child on the planet!

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Mona, Growth and Marketing: To be controversial, the best time for me is a 6 pm work out class to have a hard finish to get you off your laptop and shake up your day before transitioning to personal time. 

I like slow mornings every morning; getting out for a walk with a morning podcast rather than being shouted at by an instructor is my preference. But my least favourite time would be during lunch – It stresses me out and there's never enough time!

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Toni, Content Marketing Assistant: Basically before dinner now that it's getting lighter in the evenings

I can effectively go after work and finish my day productively, then when I'm done I can properly unwind for the day and I always sleep so much better. I’m much more likely to hit the snooze button on weekdays — especially when it’s cold — so evenings definitely keep me more motivated to run consistently. I also love skipping too and I just feel like that’s a bit intense to begin the day with!

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JP, CEO: I’m knackered at the end of the day

I like first thing in the AM for a run or HIIT session. Like Fil and Ramos, it’s the ultimate wake and shake, getting endorphins running, and for me, it’s important to start the day with dedicated time to myself. I find that in itself energising. 

I also find that I can’t start the day properly without a shower, so if I don’t exercise in the morning, it means doing that twice!

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Emma, Head of Performance Marketing: More or less the same as JP

But I would add that the same time every day makes it a part of my routine, and I find that consistency is key. Even if I wake up feeling not too motivated or have a busy day ahead I’m more likely to just squeeze in a 10 min yoga than to not bother.

My only exception to this is weekends pre-lunch; it works well when I want a lazier morning!

zoom yoga

Nicola, CRM Lead: I cannot get up early enough to fit in a gym session, I like my bed too much

I prefer straight after work, I find my energy is much higher and helps me burn off any stress from the day.

It has not fit into my lockdown life though, I really miss the gym and yoga studio. I find that dedicated work out spaces help me get in the zone. I’ve been doing lunchtime walks as some form of movement, but my exercise has taken a massive hit.

This is what our team thinks – who do you agree with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


By Fabian Jackson
Fabian Jackson

Fabian is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants who loves writing almost as much as he loves coffee, old episodes of Escape to the Country (no judgement here), and cooking up a storm in his kitchen.

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