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Plant-Based News Feature: Is Being Vegan in London Impossible?

by JP & Alex

5min read

Are UK tabloids churning out meaningless arguments against veganism, or do they have a point?

This week's award for the most entertaining moan about veganism goes to Ellen E Jones. Her piece in The Evening Standard claims being a 'virtuous vegan' is fine for Hollywood elites like Joaquin Phoenix - but merely impossible for busy Londoners.

Well, that gave us a lot of food for thought. So in partnership with our friends at Plant-Based News, we shared our opinion.

SPOILER: it's NOT impossible. Read the full article here.


The founders Alex & JP outside
by JP & Alex

Brothers and founders of allplants, JP and Alex, are on a mission to inspire the planet to eat more plants. And to do that, they rounded up a team of passionate people who became their extended family. They’re always on hand to chat all things food and fun, and to taste-test, obviously.

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