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What’s The Deal With Broccoli Coffee?

by Fabian Jackson

5min read

Is it just the latest health trend we didn’t ask for, or might this one just stand the test of highly-caffeinated time? Everything you need to know about broccoli coffee

What is broccoli coffee? 

Firstly, is broccoli coffee just a mug full of hot vegetable juice with green foam on top? 

No, you’ll be relieved to hear that’s not the deal here. It’s your regular favourite coffee (we take ours with oat milk, thanks) with dehydrated broccoli powder stirred through. Its invention has come at the hands of Australia’s National Health Agency (CSIRO) as an initiative to counter surplus and wasted ‘ugly’ broccoli across the nation whilst riding the wave of superfood trends. 

Broccoli coffee health benefits

Now, to set your expectations, this isn’t a sugar supplement; however, two tablespoons of the powder is equivalent to an entire serving of vegetables.

Pure broccoli powder is nutrient-rich and full of fibre. It’s a great source of calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, chromium and folate and is sodium and fat-free. Like other cruciferous vegetables, it can help lower the risk of heart disease plus it contains a compound called sulforaphane which helps fight against cancers.

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Where to buy broccoli powder

Getting your hands on broccoli powder won’t be as hard as you might expect. It’s a fairly common item in supplement and health-food stores across the UK, but here are some of our favourites available online:

We know we still may have not sold you on the idea of an oat milk broccoli latte being your regular just yet, but the powder could also be used to add an extra health-kick to smoothies, overnight oats or sprinkled over any type of salad – the brocco-bilities are endless.

How to make vegan broccoli coffee at home

Now you’re the proud owner of a bag of dehydrated broccoli powder you’re one step closer to being able to make your own steaming mug of broccoli coffee. 

Firstly, think about what kind of coffee you’re in the mood for; be that a strong, black Americano or a cappuccino with your favourite plant-milk (read this for help on picking the best plant-milk). Once you’ve decided on this, make it as you usually would and after it’s finished brewing, filtering or pouring through your espresso machine (fancy) stir through two tablespoons of broccoli powder before adding steamed or frothed plant-milk, if you so wish. Then find a comfy place to sit and enjoy! 

If this has only scratched the surface for your interest in alternative coffees, then read this post about mushroom coffee next, and find out why everyone is drinking it. 


By Fabian Jackson
Fabian Jackson

Fabian is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants who loves writing almost as much as he loves coffee, old episodes of Escape to the Country (no judgement here), and cooking up a storm in his kitchen.

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