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Your Vegan Weekly News Roundup – 30.07.21

by Fabian Jackson

4min read

Welcome to your weekly dose of the best vegan stories from across the globe. AKA, your ultimate feel-good foodie news.

1. ‘Smash hit: is potato milk the ultimate vegan option?’ The Guardian 

potato milk

Photo credit: The Guardian

For those of us with nut or gluten allergies, the world of alternative milk can be a bit of a minefield. So what if there were a gluten and nut-free free milk, that took less land to produce than oat milk, less water than almond and had no links to illegal deforestation (sorry soya milk, we know that’s not all of you). 

2. ‘Catherine Zeta-Jones launches vegan sneakers with British footwear brand’ Totally Vegan Buzz

Catherine posing with trainers

Photo credit: Totally Vegan Buzz

Two pairs of handmade vegan-leather trainers have just been unveiled by Catherine Zeta-Jones in collaboration with footwear brand Butterfly Twists. There are many colourways available as the latest instalment of the actor’s lifestyle brand, Casa Zeta-Jones. 

3. ‘Wagamama Launches New Vegan Dishes With Tempeh Startup’ Plant Based News


Photo credit: Wagamama

In search of a new plant-based favourite from Wagamama, then consider one of these it. The high street restaurant chain is in partnership with Club Cultured (who also make the tempeh for our Rendang Curry), London’s first tempeh factory. The dishes themself include Tempeh Kobashi Curry, Tempeh Ssambap and Sosogu Miso Udon.

4. ‘Vegan chocolate brand NOMO to launch three new chocolatey creations’ Vegan Food and Living 


Photo credit: NOMO

We can’t get enough of NOMO here, so just imagine our excitement when we heard that they were launching three new creations. ‘The latest vegan chocolate products include a Choc Orange Crunch Bar, Kids 3 Pack Choc Lollies, and Nomo’s Giant Buttons. NOMO’s new range will be launching from August the 2nd through to the 27th of September.’

5. ‘New Edinburgh vegan takeaway launches as crowds queue for 'tuna melts'’ Edinburgh Live

people queuing

Photo credit: Edinburgh Live

Edinburgh’s Duke Street is now home to the capital’s latest vegan eatery – FacePlant Foods, which has been selling out again and again since its opening. The business originally started as one of Scotland’s first vegan pop-ups but is happy to now be a permanent fixture.

By Fabian Jackson
Fabian Jackson

Fabian is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants who loves writing almost as much as he loves coffee, old episodes of Escape to the Country (no judgement here), and cooking up a storm in his kitchen.

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