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2min read

Deep Fried Mushroom Bites

by Aliza de Lima

2min read

Missing calamari? These delicious, vegan mushroom bites are a definite win, coated in flavoursome, deep fried, crispy batter. I’ve used king oyster mushrooms as they have a really nice, chewy texture that works quite well for veganised calamari, but also welcome to use other mushrooms you have at hand. Have a go and enjoy this veganised, restaurant-favourite in the comfort of your home whenever you pleased.


Prep Time

15 mins

Cook Time

15 mins




200g king oyster mushrooms, sliced (but also other mushrooms can do!)

Cooking oil (for deep frying)

For the batter:

½ cup cornflour

½ cup plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp garlic powder

¾ tsp ground black pepper

⅛ tsp cayenne

⅛ tsp smoked paprika

½ tsp salt

1 cup plant-based milk

To Serve

Lemon, wedges (optional)

Dipping sauce of choice (vegan tartar sauce or garlic mayo is recommended)

Salt flakes (optional)



Prepare mushrooms. Slice king oyster mushrooms (around 5mm in thickness). You can opt to cut out rings from the sliced mushrooms (using cookie cutters) to resemble calamari rings, but can also go ahead with normal slices.


Make your batter. In a bowl, combine ingredients until smooth.


Over medium-high heat, place cooking oil in a deep, quite wide pan. Make sure you cover the pan in around 1-2 inches of oil for deep frying. Dunk your mushroom pieces in batter, and give it a quick shake before carefully placing in the hot oil. It should take about 2 minutes for each side to become golden brown, so 4- 5 minutes of cooking time per batch (batch number depends on the size of your pan). Once cooked, drain oil from cooked mushroom, either by placing on a paper towel-covered plate or using a sieve on a bowl. Repeat the process until all mushrooms are cooked. If you have leftover batter, you can also deep fry other left over veg you have available, etc.


Serve with your dipping sauce of choice (vegan tartar sauce or vegan garlic mayo works well), with a side of lemon, chopped parsley  and sea salt flakes. Enjoy!


By Aliza de Lima
Aliza de Lima

Aliza is our Junior Creative, in between running out for copious amounts of coffee and snacks (give her a biscuit and she's your best friend). On her day off you'll find her exploring an exhibition, and having a chat over our Mac & Greens.

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