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5min read

Rachel Ama's Vegan Chimichurri Portobello Mushroom Bowl

5min read

Spicy, smoky, & fresh. This South-American inspired bowl features roasted portobello and button mushrooms, coated in flavour-bursting chimichurri sauce and paired with a cayenne & paprika smash and herbaceous green rice.

Part of the allplants x Rachel Ama limited edition collection, you can also get this dish delivered, ready-to-heat, in your next box.

Prep Time

35 mins

Cook Time

20 mins




Roasted Mushroom Medley:

300g portobello mushrooms 

200g baby button mushrooms

220g white onion 

2 cloves of garlic

2 tbsp olive oil 

Chimichurri Sauce: 

½ bunch of fresh parsley 

½ bunch of fresh coriander 

A pinch of oregano (fresh or dried) 

1 clove of garlic 

5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

½ tbsp red wine vinegar 

½ sea salt 

A good pinch of pepper 

1 jalapeno 

Juice of 1 lime 

Green Rice:

½ bunch of fresh coriander 

½ tbsp red wine vinegar 

½ jalapeno 

2 cloves of garlic

60g spinach

½ tbsp tamari 

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

Juice of ½ lime

500g cooked rice 

Cayenne Smash:

350g butter beans

135ml water 

½ tsp liquid smoke

1/2 tsp salt 

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 clove of garlic 

1 tbsp miso

Juice of 1 lime

½ tsp cayenne pepper 

Tamari Seed Mix: 

2 tsp flax seeds

2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 

3 tbsp sunflower seeds

1 tbsp tamari 

2 tsp maple syrup



Start by making your roasted mushrooms. Cut your onions, portobello and button mushrooms into chunks. Mince the garlic and pour over the veggies with the olive oil. Roast for around 10 mins at 180c; you want the mushrooms to crisp up and onions to char slightly.


While your mushrooms are roasting, finely chop your fresh parsley, coriander, garlic and jalapeno and add to a bowl. Add in your oregano, red wine vinegar, lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and mix to make your chimichurri. Set aside.


To make your green rice, add coriander, garlic, red wine vinegar, jalapeno, spinach, tamari, and lime juice into a food processor. Pour in your olive oil and blitz together. Cook your rice according to package instructions. Once cooked, stir through the gorgeous green marinade.


While your rice is cooking, make your cayenne smash by blitzing butter beans, water, liquid smoke, sea salt, miso, smoked paprika, garlic, lime juice, and cayenne pepper in a food processor until smooth.


For the tamari seed mix, combine flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a small bowl. Add your tamari and maple syrup and mix well. Lay out your seed mixture on a baking sheet and roast at 180c for 7-8 minutes. Once cooled, toss with red pepper flakes.


Serve the green rice, roasted mushroom medley and cayenne smash in a bowl. Drizzle the mushrooms with the chimichurri sauce and sprinkle the tamari seed mix over the smash.


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