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5 Online Workouts We're Loving

by Emily Neill

5min read

As it seems the whole world is now doing star-jumps and press-ups from their bedroom floor, we thought it was only fitting to round up what home workouts the allplants’ team are currently loving. These people are helping to make working out from your own four walls a lot more motivating (and actually enjoyable!).

Zanna Van Dijk

Intensity Level: 4/5 

Not only is Zanna a fellow plant (& allplants!) lover, she’s making working out from your bedroom unbelievably easy. Zanna is offering an assortment of bodyweight workouts on her Instagram and Youtube channels (absolutely no equipment necessary), that you can do from your bedroom floor. Her workouts are short and sweet, so great if you’re tight on time, but still want to feel like you’ve done an hour’s cardio session in the gym.

Shona Vertue 

Intensity Level: 3/5

Fancy a morning stretch? Want a core burner? How to tone your lower body using only a chair? Shona covers it all with some really easy-to-follow and informative guided workouts. She’s also teaching speciality type classes – so if you’ve ever wanted to perfect a handstand, Shona’s your girl.

Cat Meffan

Intensity Level: 2/5

From Vinyasa Flows, to Yoga for Stress, to low intensity Core Conditioning Workouts, yogi Cat has created a yoga sequence for all your needs. Her YouTube workouts range from just 15 minutes (perfect for your lunch break), to 1 hour long sessions (great if you want a more focused wind-down session).  

Cat even created her own yoga-version of Veganuary - Yoganuary. Why not take on this 31-day challenge now (because who even knows what month we’re in?!).

Alice Liveing 

Intensity Level: 4/5 

Alice’s mantra is less about aesthetics of working out, but instead the importance of moving our bodies for our mental wellbeing and improving cognitive function – what’s not to love about that? She’s providing Instagram Live workouts at 8:30am every morning so you can move with her, or simply head to her feed for workout inspo in your own time. (And if you don’t feel like working out, you can get a dose of Alice’s infectious energy over on her Give Me Strength Podcast). 

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A CHAIR CAN BE QUITE HANDY! ⁣ ⁣ Who’d have thought it could be so useful for exercises that can be done from home. Here I’ve chosen some of my favourite for you all to try either as a workout or incorporated in to your own workouts for a real challenge. Using your own body weight as resistance can be a challenge enough in itself, so don’t worry if you haven’t got access to weights, all these exercises will provide the perfect stimulus to get your muscles working. ⁣ ⁣ Tag anyone below who might find these useful, and let me know if you try them out! ⁣ ⁣ 1. Step downs ⁣ 2. Incline push ups ⁣ 3. RFE split squat ⁣ 4. Dips ⁣ 5. Pistol squat to chair ⁣ 6. Short lever adductor bridge ⁣ ⁣ Make sure you join me tomorrow morning 8.30am for a live full body dumbbell workout 💪🏻 #StayAtHome #SelfIsolation #HomeWorkout ⁣

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The Body Coach

Intensity Level: 3/5 

Crowned the Nation’s (more like the world’s) PE Teacher, it would have been rude not to include Joe Wicks into our round-up. With over 20 million views in his first week (?!), Joe is quickly becoming allplants’ favourite PT as well. Join him live at 9am each weekday to workout with millions of people around the world - totally family friendly so a great go-to to get the kids moving, and with a series for seniors as well, he’ll get Grandma on the go as well.


Emily Neill
by Emily Neill

Emily is our Content and Community Assistant by day, and qualified PT by… later that day. She couldn’t live without exercise (makes sense) so can usually be spotted in her favourite spin class, with our Three Mushroom Risotto for afters. 

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