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Are Banana Chips Healthy?

by Toni Olukiran

1min read

Whether you use them in your breakfasts, snacks or desserts, many people love banana chips. But are there any nutritional merits to banana chips, and are they good for you? Find out everything you need to know below. 

What are banana chips?

Banana chips are pieces of sliced banana that are fried or dehydrated to form bite-sized crispy banana chips. Originating in India and Indonesia, banana chips are a common snack.    

Is there any nutritional value in banana chips?

The exact nutritional value of banana chips varies greatly depending on what type you have, as some are coated in sugar and natural sweeteners and fried, while others are dehydrated and merely tossed in spices. However, they can typically be a good source of fibre, vitamins B6 and potassium.

Are banana chips healthy?

Banana chips can be incorporated into a balanced diet, as though they can be high in sugar and fat when eaten in moderation they are perfectly fine. If you are looking for the healthies option, opt for dehydrated banana chips over the fried variety, as this is a lower-calorie option. You can also try making your own — it’s an especially good reason for you to get out your air fryer. 

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By Toni Olukiran
Toni Olukiran

Toni is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants, and when she’s not writing posts about everything from Jamaican cooking to vegan champagne, she’s making a Spotify playlist (she was at 200, at her last count) or playing tennis in the park.

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