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The Best Vegan Asparagus Recipes For Every Mood

by Toni Olukiran

3min read

Asparagus deserves more than just being steamed and relegated to a boring side dish. Here are some fun and versatile vegan recipes that show asparagus can do it all.

It sounds dramatic, but asparagus often doesn’t get a chance to shine, and people decide it’s not for them before they’ve eaten it in one of its many delicious forms. Try one of these recipes (though we advise you try all four for an accurate hypothesis) and you’ll soon see asparagus become your new favourite vegetable.

Asparagus grain salad

close shot of salad

This vibrant and fresh salad is everything we want to eat right now. It’s packed with flavour, thanks to sweet asparagus, and a mix of herbs, as well as being satisfying and full of texture from the toasted almonds. It’s light and zingy — a surefire way of shaking up your lunches and picnics. 

Any-bean spring stew

bowl of stew with a spoon

This fresh stew is our go-to when we want to feel both nourished and like we have our life together. It's hearty, healthy and (as you probably guessed from the title) tastes delicious with any type of bean you have to hand. We top ours with either crunchy breadcrumbs, toasted bread or croutons, for extra crunch (and carbs). It’s also a great stew during colder weather too. It’ll warm you up from the inside out.

Summer Bruschette

close shot of bruschette

Bruschette is underrated. Need a snack? Make a bruschetta. Need an appetiser? Make a bruschetta. Need a meal? Make a big bruschetta. Need breakfast? I think you get the picture. They can be adapted to whichever season, time of day and mood you're in. Still not convinced? Let this recipe do the trick.

Spring Greens Tart

close shot of tart

Our dream tart? Crisp pastry, a creamy filling and fresh, tender veg. In other words, this. It’s filled with this seasons’ best greens, packing each slice with flavour and vibrancy. It’s also adaptable to endless spin-offs based on what you have to hand. Tomatoes, spring onions, leeks – go wild.


By Toni Olukiran
Toni Olukiran

Toni is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants, and when she’s not writing posts about everything from Jamaican cooking to vegan champagne, she’s making a Spotify playlist (she was at 200, at her last count) or playing tennis in the park.

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