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3min read

What To Do With Leftover Fruit

by Emily Harris

3min read

While companies like Oddbox are fighting supermarket food waste by packaging up wonky fruit and veg and delivering it directly to your door, what do you do with any leftover or excess fruit by the end of the week?

In the UK, over 2 million tonnes of fresh produce is wasted each year through the supply chain alone. That’s the equivalent of four Burj Khalifa’s (the tallest building in the world). Yes, four. And that’s just throughout the supply chain. In UK households, we create 6.6 million tonnes of food waste each year. 13% of all of our food and drink purchases are wasted, which averages to a cost of £500 per year per household. Think of all you could do with that £500! So before you throw away that brown looking banana, or those slightly sad berries, stop and take a read of this article to give fresh life to that old, but gold, fruit.

papaya on wooden table


You really can throw whatever fruit you have into a blender, along with some oats, protein powder (check out our guide here), your favourite plant-based milk, some chia seeds and agave nectar to make the perfect smoothie.

Compotes + Sauces

Have a punnet of summer berries you just haven’t got around to eating? Toss them into a saucepan along with some sugar and lemon juice, and simmer until they’ve turned into a hot, gooey mess. Pop the sauce in one of your allplants jars and keep in the fridge. Voila! 

Fruity Ice Cubes

Liven up your drinks with your leftover fruit. All you need is an ice cube tray, water, fruit and a freezer. It really is that simple.


Fruit like plums and pears are perfect for making chutneys. Just add onion, vinegar, sugar and seasoning. Pop it all in a pan and cook for about an hour and a half. Grab your other allplants jar and keep in the fridge. Chutney all year round!

And last, but not least, anyone for... 


Chop up literally any leftover fruit that needs using up and pop it along with ice and some fresh mint into a jug with your cocktail of choice. Why not try one of our cocktail recipes?

Have any more ideas with what to do with leftover fruit? Let us know in the comments below!


By Emily Harris
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Emily is our Social and Content Assistant who you’ll find at an art gallery, snapping away on her camera, or updating her Instagram with a gin in hand (so millennial).

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