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Your Vegan Weekly News Roundup – 02.10.20

by Fabian Jackson

6min read

Welcome to your weekly dose of the best vegan stories from across the globe. AKA, your ultimate feel-good foodie news.

1. Bristol Fish & Chip Shop Goes Vegan And Sells Out

vegan chippy

Photo credits: John Myers via Bristol Post

Popular Bristol-based fish and chip shop, The Clock Tower, turned to a plant-based menu this week and has been deemed a roaring success. The young couple who run the business had been considering a more inclusive menu for some time, and they’re thrilled it’s such an immediate triumph. They’ve put their sold-out food down to the large numbers of young vegans based in Bristol, but we know it’s hard for anyone to avoid some tasty plant-based grub. Keep it going!

2. London And Glasgow Top Best European Cities For Vegans


Plant-Based News has released its latest list of Europe’s top 10 vegan-friendly cities and London and Glasgow have placed first and third respectively! The research, helped by consumer spending experts, used a set of five criteria to rank each city across Europe that included the number of plant-based restaurants and takeaways in each city along with costs and energy required to cook diet-specific home meals and the volume of speciality cooking classes available.

We’re glad to see both of these major UK cities topping the list, but can we say we’re surprised? Here are some of our favourite vegan eats in Glasgow and here are our top picks for plant-based food under a tenner in London.

3. Michelin Star Restaurant Champions Plant-Based Meat  


For the first time in vegan history a Michelin star restaurant, the Hardwood Arms in London is offering a plant-based ‘meat’ alternative on their menu. The dish is a Scotch egg wrapped in vegan ‘bacon’ made by our friends over at THIS. Whilst the dish, unfortunately, isn’t vegan-friendly, as it still contains an egg at its centre, this is a progressive step in starting to remove the stigma attached to using plant-based ‘meats’ in fine-dining. They’ve set the bar, who else will follow? 

4. Vegan Egg In A Shell By Les Merveilloeufs  

vegan egg

Photo credits: Les Merveilloeufs

An innovative team of French biologists, Sheryline and Filipina, known as Les Merveilloeufs are making fast headway in becoming the first people to produce entirely vegan eggs that come in their own shells and look just like hen’s eggs. Unlike other plant-based egg competitors, Les Merveilloeufs’ product not only have separate ‘yolk’ and ‘whites’ but can replicate all egg functionalities – from scrambling to baking

Maybe something for the Michelin star restaurants to look into!

5. Keep Warm This Autumn With New Vegan, Eco-Conscious Range From ASOS

asos add

Photo credits: ASOS

The online retailer has pledged to set a new precedent for waste-free fashion. Their aims include efficient pattern cutting for garments, upping recycled input and improving the durability of items; as well as making it easier for their clothing to be recycled at the end of their lives by making products mono-material and dismantlable. ASOS has often been accused of contributing to the environmental issues linked to fast-fashion in the past, so it’s good to hear that they’re working on their sustainability measures.


By Fabian Jackson
Fabian Jackson

Fabian is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants who loves writing almost as much as he loves coffee, old episodes of Escape to the Country (no judgement here), and cooking up a storm in his kitchen.

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