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za'atar on bread
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A Guide To Cooking With Za’atar: The Tangy and Fragrant Herb And Spice Blend

by Fabian Jackson

5min read

Whether you’ve seen za’atar crop up in recipe ingredients lists and need to know more, or just curious to learn about traditional spice blends, we’ve got your back– everything you need to know from its rich and flavourful history right up to making your own how to cook with it.

This bright, earthy, herby, nutty, fragrant and tangy blend has such a range and depth to its flavours, textures and aromas that justice wouldn’t be served if we were to describe it with any fewer words.

What is za’atar?

Za’atar is a dried herb and spice blend that’s made from some of the best flavours, all native to the Middle East: there will be slight variations on (top secret) additional ingredients and proportions depending on where you are and who has made it for you. However, you’ll usually find a combination of dried oregano, thyme, marjoram, toasted sesame seeds and plenty of sumac! After these staples, you might just come across additional spices like cumin and coriander, dried orange zest or sometimes dill. All of these variants are what make the blends unique in every home, market stall and restaurant.


Photo credits: Feasting At Home

Any keen seasoning-connoisseurs reading might already know that za’atar used to contain a herb by the same name, but no longer as the plant is now a protected species. Za’atar is deeply rooted in much Middle Eastern cooking, from Palestinian and Egyptian cuisines to historical Armenian and Persian recipes – it appears across oceans and vast distances of land.

How to make your own za’atar

Here are a couple of our favourite recipes to get you started, both with their own individualities:

If the idea of making your own blend doesn’t appeal, then it can be found pre-blended in shops from Sainsbury’s to Tesco.

za'atar on bread

Photo credits: My Jewish Learning

Vegan recipes to champion your za’atar 

Now you’ve got your za’atar, what next? Here are some delicious plant-based recipes to make with za’atar:


Fabian Jackson
by Fabian Jackson

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