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Plant-Based or Vegan - What’s The Difference? 

by Emily Neill

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While plant-based and vegan diets overlap, they’re not exactly the same. Here’s a comparison, just in case you want to explore either option.

We’re not big on labels, but we do sometimes get asked what the difference is between a vegan and a plant-based diet. We think it’s good to understand what both the terms mean. This can help us when we’re cooking for vegan and plant-based friends, as well as opening us up to different ways of living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

What’s the difference between plant-based and vegan? 

You’ll find many of the same foods in each diet, but there is a subtle difference. A plant-based diet predominantly consists of plants; most people use the term to refer to a 100 percent plant diet, but some people include small amounts of animal products.

For example, if following a plant-based diet, you may be open-minded as to whether or not you eat honey as it’s produced by an animal. Similarly, you may or may not choose to include chicken eggs in your version of a plant-based diet. A vegan diet, on the other hand, totally eliminates all animal products (not only meat and gelatin but also dairy products and eggs).

Here at allplants, we’re all about helping people who are interested in what a plant-based diet has to offer. While all of our meals are vegan-friendly, our table isn’t set exclusively for vegans. Each of our dishes is created with two aims: 100% plants, 100% delicious. Anyone who wants to explore a rich and varied plant-based or vegan diet will find something that tickles their taste buds. 

If allplants is the place to help you try out a vegan or a plant-based diet, we’re beyond excited for you to taste just how delicious plant-based meals can be!


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