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What even is vegan...ish?!

You don’t have to go full-time vegan to help our planet thrive. And eating less meat and dairy (even just a few days a week) is great for your health too. Our plant-based meals make it delicious and easy for anyone, anytime to make the switch.

Get ready to get hungry

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crafted by chefs

Every meal is hand prepared with love, balanced by nutritionists and designed for you.

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frozen for flavour

Our food arrives frozen, helping you fight food waste with every mouthful.

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healthy + nutritious

We deliver flavourful and filling meals packed with vegetables, fruits and nuts.


"Super tasty vegan meals delivered to your door."

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"Plant Power. Hoorah for the arrival of allplants."


"Proper food with no nasty ingredients."

small business, big dreams

small business, big dreams

We made allplants to inspire everyone to eat more plants for a better future of our planet. 

So whether you’re a life-long vegan, or a plant-curious omnivore, welcome to our table!

signed, JP and Alex

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save the planet while savouring every bite

save the planet while savouring every bite

What we eat has a huge impact on the health of our planet. Join our movement to eat more plants and reduce your carbon footprint.

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