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Vegan Sandwich Fillings

by Emily Neill

6min read

Gone are the days where a thick layer of hummus inside two slices of bread was considered the only vegan sandwich offering (although we’re definitely not knocking this OG combination). 

Make way for these exciting and flavourful vegan sandwich fillings that are guaranteed to turn even your ham-and-cheese-sandwich loving friends.

Veganised BLT Sandwich

There’s a vegan sandwich, and then there’s this. In this plant-based take on the classic BLT we replace bacon with smoky slices of roasted aubergine. Sandwiched between creamy avocado, a thick layer of hummus and a juicy tomato slice, you’ll soon need reminding what a BLT was to start with. 

Green Pesto Sandwich

There’s a lot of green in this sandwich, we know. But there’s something incredibly moreish about a thick layer of hummus, a crunch of lettuce, and a salty layer of pesto sandwiched together in your favourite bread of choice. This takes a hummus sandwich to a whole new level. 

Mushroom & Pickled Veg Sandwich

If you’re craving something with a more meaty texture, this mushroom sandwich makes for a filling lunch (or dinner, or snack...). Pickling the veg adds a powerful and oh-so-delicious flavour dimension that will make you never want to eat a normal piece of veg again. 

Pumpkin & Roasted Onion Toastie

Sweet, salty and melty. A recipe for a perfect toastie. Sandwich together layers of roasted pumpkin, onion and a whole lotta vegan cheese for a little bite of heaven. Best of all, you can prep the ingredients in advance and whip up this melty-cheezy-deliciousness within minutes. 

Roasted Veg Sandwich

Not only is this sandwich a great way to avoid any veg in your fridge being binned (#wastefreelife), but it’s also an incredible way to get your daily dose of vitamins & minerals. Roast up any combination of veg (we used courgette, butternut squash, and peppers), add a homemade red pepper sauce and sandwich between your bread of choice (sourdough works amazing here!). 

Avocado Toast

Whilst not technically a ‘sandwich’, our three-avocado-toast glow up recipes are a delicious way to spruce up your slices of bread. Add some pineapple for a tropical twist, or a squeeze of lime and sprinkle of dill to mix up a traditional version. 

Busy day and no time to make a sandwich? Grab one of our pre-prepared chef-made meals from your freezer for a speedy plant-powered lunch. Check out our menu here.



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